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  SYSCOM is a growing company in South Korea since 1985.

As we have wide domestic sales network, we are looking forward to hearing you who want to be a distributor in your country.

* Contact man : JONG BO LEE
Since 1985 , we have walked one way to make customer-oriented products and the
major broadcasting stations such as KBS (Korea Broadcasting System) ,
MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting System) ,SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) are considering
SYSCOM as one of credible companies. Of course we, SYSCOM, are sole one be entitled
to supply our stable products to them as a domestic manufacturer.
As you know the situation of W/L market, it is true that the value in use of W/L is
becoming more extensive and and the needs is also various as well as. As for public
address application , our 19" rack mountable UHF true diversity systems can satisfy
installers concerned. And if you are looking for the blievable and economical one,please
take a look at the muti-channel system which incorporate antenna splitter. In terms of
6mm camcorder,RX-720SM is ready to conduct the highest level of performance for
broadcast work.RX-720DM which is for ENG (Electronic News Gathering) Camera purpose
is one of high-end products of SYSCOM. This system was burn in 2003 year and we have
been rated one of reliable manufacturer from major broadcasting stations thanks to this
high-end wireless system.
And with our versatile Touring system you can apply the touring and simultaneous
translation.For your information, our remarkable systems feature frequency-selectable
diversity wireless and also PLL- synthesize VCO circuity in the transmitter which is
reducing RF interferences from spurious emissions in multi- user applications.
This year is so much meaningful to us 2005 year is the very 20th anniversary of SYSCOM.
At the time Of 2005 year, we are supposed to show some new products into the market.
And it will make our faithful customers satisfied.
I'd like to recommend you to listen to and feel the sound quality of our products and
then dare to look forward to hearing from you. Now we,SYSCOM, are expecting you.

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